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Digital Business

Today's Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses are surrounded by noise in the jungle of digital business. Our mission is to strive towards simplification, clarification and guidance of our clients towards digital business solutions that enhance and empower our clients for business success.

MAXX workplace capability

maXx Consulting Workplace Capability solutions has developed an extensive network of technical subject matter experts and partners who can assist organisations with digital business consulting services. Across a broad range of industry sectors, our team can guide your organisation in the right direction.

Q digital entrepreneur

Digital Entrepreneurs require arrange of solutions and guidance to assist their digital brand and constant development and business prototyping ecosystem. Entrepreneur Q seeks to provide a range of solutions, tools, and hacks to empower, support and grow Digital Entrepreneurs.

NEXT digital backoffice

We have expertise in cloud, business communications, collaboration, administration, bookkeeping, sales and marketing, social media and support. Our support specialists and partners help deliver next generation backoffice solutions that provide you a competitive advantage.

Digital Business Solutions

Google G Suite

Google G Suite formally Google Apps has been part of our ecosystem for more than 10 years. During this period we have supported many businesses.

WordPress Applications

WordPress makes up over 25% of the World's websites. We continue to support clients in development and support of business applications.

Google Cloud Platform

We have grown our Google Cloud Platform footprint for web hosting requirements. Your business can also benefit from the power of this technology.

Automation Tools

The power of digital business tools and solutions is the ability to automate repetitive strategic tasks for greater efficiencies and profitability.

Podio by Citrix

Not only does Podio by Citrix run our own service desk and critical business workflows, we continue to expand these capabilities with our clients.

Digital Workplace

Workplace collaboration, remote working, task management and outsourcing are all contemporary topics requiring smart innovative solutions.

Workplace Capability

Workplace Capability is challenge of all businesses. How does business adapt to the demands of the workforce to work with mobility, bring your own devices, remotely but also collaboratively in an efficient and effective manner? We can provide a range of solutions and services.

Digital Backoffice

The Digital Backoffice is your competitive advantage, consisting of outsourced, virtual solutions and services that set you apart from your competition. We can bring your organisation expertise in selection, implementation of solutions for your next generation backoffice.

Digital Life Hacking

Our team continually explore solutions and innovations that seek to hack your digital business life. In a world crowded by digital products, hacking through the noise is critical to your success. We can assist you selecting, implementing and supporting your digital solutions.

Digital Entrepreneur

As an Entrepreneur you are busy innovating, creating, building and developing your business. Our team works with Entrepreneurs to achieve competitive advantage in their businesses through mobility, integration and automation of emerging cloud based technologies.

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